Property Owners

Having your investment property earning for you without the risk of it being devalued by bad management or bad tenants is of great concern to us for Property Investors/Owners. We understand as we are owners and property Investors ourselves here at Rentals 4 you.

We understand those concerns and work hard to do better. We are better at management and at choosing good tenants. Jayne has her Good Tenant Radar out and is on the look-out, every time she passes your property in her car, she is looking! Every inspection she is looking! Keeping you informed and keeping you updated with the whole process of finding a great tenant through to the detailed inspection going in report and photos record.
Managing the tenancy and keeping you informed when work is required, and, yes, asking you the owner before things are done.

When the tenancy comes to an end we will take our time to make sure the property is in order before giving the bond back, you are welcome to come as well if you prefer.

If you are looking for Property Management that is indeed more hands on, keeping you updated and involved then give us a call today 027 246 5200 or email us on

We believe we are great at what we do and you will be happy with results.


What can Rentals4You offer?

  • Acts in the highest professional manner at all times
  • Adheres to the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Keeps up with the rental market & legislative changes
  • Holds Public Liability Insurance
  • Has suitable experience in the industry
  • Has referees you can contact
  • Invests in property themselves.
  • Supplies you all the relevant company information about their fees & services
  • Provides monthly owner statements
  • Operates a separate account for rents received

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PO Box 2426, Stoke 7041

(027) 246 5200

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About Jayne

Jayne Watkins has been managing properties since 2012, although her experience in the industry also includes renovating and selling her own properties and working as a project manager in a property development company.